Wedding Accessories for Your Special Day

wedding accessories

On your wedding day, every detail matters. The dress, the cake, and all choices show your love. When planning, don’t forget about the impact of wedding accessories.

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Wedding accessories complete your bridal look. They bring a magical touch, like a veil’s lace or a diamond’s sparkle. These details transform you into a vision of romance.

Imagine the gleaming veil, the sparkle of jewelry, or dancing in the perfect shoes. These accessories help you shine as the bride.

As you prepare for your wedding, remember the significance of these details. They showcase your style and love. And they stay with you as you cherish each moment of your big day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wedding accessories are the finishing touches that elevate your bridal look and create a moment of magic.
  • From veils to jewelry and shoes, each accessory adds a unique touch to your wedding ensemble.
  • Embrace the power of wedding accessories to reflect your style and make your special day unforgettable.
  • Wedding accessories are not just add-ons; they are meaningful details that celebrate your love.
  • Let your wedding accessories be a reminder of the beauty that lies in every moment of your journey.

Veils and Hair Accessories

Finish off your wedding look with stunning veils and hair accessories. They will leave a big mark on your special day. Whether classic or modern, they bring grace and elegance to your style.

Choosing a veil? You’ll find many types. Lace veils show classic romance and fine details. Pearl veils mix elegance with a classic touch. Tulle veils give a dreamy feel, great for the boho bride. Pick one that matches your dress and enhances your beauty.

For a stylish hairdo, pick accessories that suit your style. Bridal headbands offer glam and sophistication. Headscarves give a modern twist. These pieces really bring out your hairstyle and complete your look.

Add a Touch of Elegance with Lace Veils

Lace veils are great for a classic, romantic look. Their fine lace creates a light, feminine feel. Whether short or long, lace adds elegance.

Classic Sophistication with Pearl Veils

Pearl veils show timeless class and grace. The pearls catch the light, adding a soft sparkle. They’re perfect for a traditional yet glamorous look. Choose a length that fits your style and theme.

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Whimsical Romance with Tulle Veils

Tulle veils bring a whimsical, dreamy feel. The light, flowing fabric adds romance. You can go for a blusher veil for mystery or a long veil for drama. They suit the adventurous and free-spirited bride.

Chic and Modern with Bridal Hair Accessories

Add modern flair with trendy hair accessories. Bridal headbands exude sophistication and can feature crystals or pearls. Or, go for headscarves to stand out with color or patterns. They are great for making a bold statement.

Your wedding is a chance to shine your style. Use veils and hair accessories that show who you are. The right mix will make your bridal look stand out and be remembered.

Bridal Jewelry

Elevate your wedding day look with exquisite bridal jewelry. The right pieces can enhance your ensemble and add a touch of elegance to your overall appearance.

“The right jewelry can truly elevate a bride’s entire look, creating a sense of glamour and individuality.” – Emily Johnson, Wedding Jewelry Designer

When it comes to bridal jewelry, there are a lot of choices. You can pick from necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even backpieces. Each piece can make your special day even more memorable.


A beautiful necklace can be the perfect finishing touch. You might like a delicate pendant or a statement piece. Choose based on what works well with your dress’s neckline.


Earrings can really make your bridal look shine. Whether you go for classic pearls or sparkling diamonds, there’s something for every bride. It’s all about your personal taste and style.


Don’t forget a bracelet for a bit of sparkle. You can go simple and elegant or pick something bolder. This piece should reflect your personal style.


A beautiful backpiece can add something special to your dress. With unique designs, it can bring drama and elegance. It’s a way to make your look unforgettable.

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When you choose your bridal jewelry, think about pieces that match your gown. Do you like a classic look or something more unique? Your jewelry should show off your style.

Also, think about your bridal party’s jewelry. It’s a nice way to thank your bridesmaids and make the day even more special.

Jewelry Description
Bridal Necklaces Delicate pendants or statement pieces to enhance the neckline of your dress.
Bridal Earrings Sparkling earrings to frame your face and complement your hairstyle.
Bridal Bracelets Delicate or bold bracelets to add a touch of sparkle to your wrist.
Bridal Backpieces Intricate designs to create a dramatic and elegant look.
Unique Bridal Jewelry Uniquely handcrafted pieces that showcase your personal style.

Remember, your wedding day is very special. The jewelry you choose makes you unique and confident. Select those that speak to you and make your look complete in a magical way.

Wedding Shoes

When it’s your wedding day, finding the right wedding shoes is vital. They complete your bridal look. You might like elegant heels or comfy flats. Your shoes should match your dress and show your style. We’ll help you pick the perfect wedding shoes to make you feel confident and beautiful on your big day.

If you love a classic, elegant look, choose bridal heels. These timeless shoes add grace and height to your outfit. They make your legs look longer and your posture better. Look for heels that are pretty and comfy. They should let you dance all night without pain.

But, if being comfortable is what matters most, pick bridal flats. These flats are both stylish and easy to wear. They help you move around your wedding with comfort. Choose flats with cute details like lace or crystals. They keep your look feminine and bridal.

Think about your wedding’s color theme when choosing shoes. While white is classic, explore other colors too. Nude shoes are a good pick. They match any color scheme and add a quiet elegance to your look.

Your wedding shoes are more than just for the big day – they’re a keepsake. Pick shoes that not only look good but also reflect your style. This way, they’ll help you remember your wedding day with joy for years to come.

Visit a Showroom

Step into the enchanting world of bridal fashion by exploring our bridal showrooms. Enjoy an experience of elegance and style. Here, you can see our stunning wedding gowns and accessories up close.

Our bridal showrooms offer tailor-made appointments to make your dream gown search magical. Our team of stylists is ready to help. They’ll offer advice and tips to find a dress that’s just right for you.

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When visiting, try on various gowns that fit your unique style. Our guides will help you pick the best shape, fabric, and details. This ensures you look and feel uniquely beautiful on your big day.

If you can’t make it to our showrooms, don’t worry. We also offer virtual appointments. This means you can get expert advice from home. We use top-notch technology to make this experience highly personal.

During your virtual visit, our stylists will help you pick the right dress and accessories. They’ll use video calls and precise measurements. You’ll get the same great service as you would in person.

We aim to make you feel amazing, whether online or in our showrooms. Every bride should have a memorable and fulfilling experience. Our skilled team is passionate about helping you realize your bridal dreams.

Benefits of Visiting a Showroom
Personalized appointments with expert stylists
Opportunity to try on a range of wedding gowns
Access to a wide selection of bridal accessories
Professional guidance and recommendations
Exquisite ambiance and attention to detail
Virtual appointment options for convenience

Chat to A Stylist

Need help picking the right bridal accessories? Our online stylist team is ready to help. They know a lot about jewelry, shoes, and hair accessories. They’re available any time to give you the advice you need.

Use our website’s live chat to talk to them instantly. They’ll offer tips right as you ask. Our stylists care about matching your style. They’ll make sure your accessories bring out your bridal look.

If you want to write down your questions, you can email us too. Just send your questions to We’ll answer your bridal accessory questions in detail.

Prefer talking on the phone? Call 1-800-123-4567 to speak with a stylist. They’ll help you choose the best accessories for your wedding day.

Hear from Satisfied Brides

“The live chat feature on the website was incredibly helpful. I was able to get instant feedback on different accessory options and make confident decisions for my bridal look.” – Emily

“The virtual stylist consultation was a game-changer for me. The stylist provided valuable insights and recommendations that helped me complete my bridal ensemble flawlessly.” – Jessica

virtual stylist

Prefer a more hands-on approach? You can ask for a virtual stylist. They’ll help you choose all your bridal accessories. From jewelry to shoes and hair pieces, they’ll make sure everything matches your unique style.

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At Wedding Accessories, every bride gets special treatment. We’ve got a team of stylists here just for you. Let them help you create a bridal look that stands out on your big day.

Contact Method Availability
Live Chat 24/7
Email Support 24/7
Phone Support 24/7

The Ultimate Wedding Day Accessories Checklist

Turning heads on your big day is all about the details. Make sure your bridal look is flawless with the right accessories. This checklist covers everything you’ll need, from your head down to your toes.

Bridal Outfit:

  • Wedding dress: Every bride needs a dress that fits her style and the wedding’s vibe.
  • Veil: For a classic fairy tale charm, don a beautiful veil.
  • Hair accessories: Make your hair shine with pretty headbands, clips, or combs.
  • Jewelry: Sparkle from across the room with earrings, a necklace, bracelet, and rings.
  • Undergarments: Feel beautiful and comfortable with the right shapewear, bra, and undergarments.
  • Garter: Carry on the tradition with a beautifully designed garter.

Wedding Shoes:

  • Comfortable and stylish: Find shoes that not only look good but are comfy too.
  • Heels or flats: Pick either heels for glamour or flats for ease, based on what you prefer.

Hair Accessories:

  • Veils: Add a veil for a look that’s both romantic and stylish.
  • Headbands: Go modern chic with a headband that fits your style.
  • Clips and combs: Choose clips or combs that add a bit of sparkle to your hair.
  • Flowers and fascinators: Let nature in with flowers or go for a classic fascinator.


  • Necklaces: Highlight your dress’s neckline with a beautiful necklace.
  • Earrings: Let your face light up with elegant earrings.
  • Bracelets: Make a statement with either a delicate or bold bracelet.
  • Rings: Choose a lovely ring to symbolize the love and commitment of your big day.

Note: All the stunning accessories shown in the image will enhance your bridal look.


  • Shapewear: A fitting dress starts with the perfect shapewear underneath.
  • Bras: Ensure your comfort and look by picking a bra that suits your dress’s neckline.
  • Seamless underwear: For a sleek finish, opt for seamless underwear.
  • Garter: Don’t forget the charming garter for a traditional touch.

The Ultimate Wedding Day Accessories Checklist:

Item Description
Wedding Dress Choose the one gown that speaks to your style and makes you stand out.
Veil Wear a veil to add elegance and timeless beauty to your look.
Hair Accessories Stylize your hair with headbands, clips, or combs for that perfect ‘do.
Jewelry Dazzle with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings that complete your look.
Undergarments Comfort and fit are key, pick out shapewear, bras, underwear, and a garter carefully.
Wedding Shoes Balance style with comfort by choosing the right pair of shoes.

Each accessory is essential to your bridal outfit. Follow this checklist to make sure you have everything. This will help you create a unique and beautiful look for your special day.

Wedding Shoes

Looking for the perfect wedding shoes? Consider comfort and style. Your shoes should fit well with your colors and feel good, no matter the venue. The right pair boosts your experience, from an outdoor scene to indoor vows.

Outdoor weddings need careful shoe picking. Flats or wedges are best. They keep you steady and don’t sink in the ground. Decorated flats or comfy wedges are elegant and practical choices.

It’s your day to shine, no discomfort allowed. Pick shoes with soft insoles or straps that adjust. Consider lower heels for the best of both worlds, style and ease.

Some weddings allow for dressier shoes. Go for classic high heels if they fit your venue. White or nude heels blend with any dress and add sophistication. To show your style, choose from various styles, from sandals to pumps.

Before you buy, try those shoes on with your dress. This ensures they look and feel just right. Your wedding day is special. The right shoes can make you feel confident and elegant as you walk down the aisle.

wedding shoes

Comfort and Style

Shoe Type Comfort Style
Flats Provide comfort and stability Elegant and embellished options available
Wedges Support on uneven surfaces Add height without compromising comfort
Heels Various heel heights available Classic and timeless

Hair Accessories

Make your hairstyle stand out with various accessories. This includes everything from veils and headbands to clips, combs, flowers, and fascinators. There is something for every style. The right ones can make your bridal look not only elegant but also unique.

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Want a classic or romantic vibe? Go for a lace veil or a pearl veil. If you’re aiming for sophistication, a tulle veil might be perfect for you.

For something more modern, choose a headband or a unique headscarf. Both can make your bridal style shine.

“The right hair accessories can transform a simple hairstyle into a stunning bridal look.”

Besides veils and headbands, clips and combs can add flair to your hair. Placement of a flower clip or a crystal comb is key for a stylish look.

If you’re into a daring and unique look, try fascinators. They’re bold pieces usually with feathers or lace.

When picking your accessories, think about your dress, hairstyle, and what you love. Choose pieces that work well together without being too much. The right ones will make you feel royal on your big day.

Whether it’s a veil, headband, or a stand-out fascinator you dream of, have fun choosing. There are many styles to match your own, making you shine on your wedding day.

Bridal Jewelry

Add sparkle to your wedding look with stunning jewelry. The right pieces boost your elegance. You can choose from delicate necklaces to bold rings.

Choosing the right jewelry means it should match your dress and style. If you have a fairy-tale dress, go for intricate, delicate pieces. For a modern gown, opt for bold shapes or gemstones. The goal is to find jewelry that makes you feel beautiful.

Popular bridal jewelry items include:

  • Necklaces: Whether simple or bold, necklaces bring glamour. Pick one that fits your dress and style.
  • Earrings: Choose from studs to chandelier styles. Match them to your hair and other jewelry.
  • Bracelets: Different bracelets add elegance. Consider your dress’s sleeves and your taste.
  • Rings: Add extra rings to your set. Stackable bands or gemstones can look lovely.

Your jewelry should match your style and make you feel stunning. Choose pieces you love. They’ll be special to you for a long time.

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bridal jewelry

Finish your wedding look with the right accessories. They add glamour to your day, reflecting your style. Whether classic or bold, jewelry makes you stand out. Pick the perfect additions to feel radiant and confident on your big day.


When getting ready for your big day, remember the undergarments. The right ones can really make your dress fit better and show off your body shape. Try various options like shapewear, the right bras, seamless panties, and a pretty garter for a flawless, comfy style.

Shapewear gives you a sleek look. It can shape your waist, flatten your stomach, or enhance your curves. Choose shapewear that’s both supportive and comfortable so you feel great all day.

Your bra choice is crucial. Think about your dress’s style and pick a bra that fits well and stays hidden. A strapless, backless, or clear-strapped bra can be perfect, just make sure it works with your dress design.

Don’t forget about seamless undies. They stay hidden under tight dresses, giving you a smooth appearance. Go for pairs that are comfy and let your skin breathe so you can enjoy your day freely.

Adding a garter can be a nice, traditional element. Pick one that suits your style and enhances your bridal look.

Undergarments Checklist:

  • Shapewear
  • Bras (strapless, backless, etc.)
  • Seamless underwear
  • Garter

Expert Advice:

“Make sure your undergarments feel good. Finding the right ones can make you feel confident and beautiful. Don’t hesitate to get help choosing them. They should make your dress look even better, letting you enjoy every moment of your wedding.” – Bridal Stylist, Emily Davis

Undergarment Type Features
Shapewear Offers support and shaping for a streamlined silhouette.
Bras Provides support and comfort while remaining discreet under your dress.
Seamless Underwear Creates a smooth and seamless look under fitted dresses.
Garter Adds a touch of tradition and romance to your bridal look.

Jackets and Wraps

Weather can be unpredictable on your wedding day. So, it’s good to have jackets and wraps on hand. They keep you warm and add style. You can choose from faux fur, shawls, boleros, or other outerwear. This lets you be comfy and show your style all day.

Choosing the right style is key. It should go well with your dress and the wedding’s feel. For a romantic look, go for a lace shawl or a faux fur bolero. Or, for a modern touch, a sleek jacket could work. Try different lengths and materials to find what fits best.

Not only are jackets and wraps practical, they can also be a style statement. Add special details like beading or embroidery for extra charm. There are many options, so you’ll find one that shows your style well.

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Jackets and wraps can work for any wedding setting, not just outdoors or in cold weather. They add style and can be adjusted as the day goes on. For instance, take off the wrap for the reception or photos outside.

Wearing the right jacket or wrap means you’ll be comfy and look great on your big day. Good outerwear can really boost your outfit. It shows that you’ve thought of everything and lets your personality shine.

jackets and wraps


Make your special day even better with the right wedding accessories. These include veils and hairpieces, jewelry, shoes, and undergarments. Each item helps perfect your bridal outfit. You might want a lace veil, a bold necklace, or stylish shoes. There are plenty of choices to show off your personal style.

The small details can make a big difference. Wedding accessories boost your look and memory of the day. Pick items that highlight your personality. This lets you stand out on your wedding day.

Choose accessories that match your gown and make you feel great. You can go for a classic, timeless feel or something more modern. There are plenty of accessories to fit your style. Explore your options to find what makes you feel your best on your big day.


What are some essential wedding accessories?

Important wedding accessories are bridal veils, jewelry, and shoes. Also, decorations, headpieces, gloves, and belts are key.

What types of veils and hair accessories are available?

Lace, pearl, and tulle veils are popular. Modern brides may like headbands or headscarves. These add a unique touch to your look.

Where can I find exquisite bridal jewelry?

Visit our store for beautiful, handcrafted bridal jewelry. You’ll find necklaces, earrings, and more designed to make you shine.

What types of wedding shoes are available?

Many wedding shoes await, from traditional heels to comfy flats. You’ll find elegant white or nude options for more than just your wedding.

Can I visit a showroom to try on wedding gowns and accessories?

Yes, you can try our collections in person. Visit our showrooms worldwide and book a time to meet with our stylists.

How can I get assistance with bridal accessories?

Our online stylists are ready to help 24/7. Contact them for personalized advice via live chat, email, or phone.

What should I consider when choosing wedding shoes?

Think about comfort and your wedding setting. Your shoe choice should match your style and your dress color. It should also let you dance the night away.

What types of hair accessories can enhance my hairstyle?

Veils, headbands, clips, and more can uplift your hairstyle. Select items that harmonize with your dress and reflect your personal style.

How can bridal jewelry add sparkle to my ensemble?

Jewelry can add sparkle. Find pieces that match your dress and style, whether you like dainty or bold accessories.

What undergarments should I consider for my wedding dress?

For a perfect fit, think about shapewear and the right bra. Seamless underwear is a must. Don’t forget the garter for tradition.

How can jackets or wraps enhance my bridal look?

Cover-ups like faux fur or shawls not only look elegant but keep you warm. Choose one that complements your dress and wedding theme.

Why are wedding accessories important?

Accessories complete your look and make your wedding day special. From veils to undergarments, each item plays a part in your overall style.

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